Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8667 08.11.1963

Jesus as a human being knew of His mission ....

The earthly path of the human being Jesus was exceedingly sorrowful .... His pure soul found itself in an impure and dark environment and experienced this environment as torment, on account of which the child Jesus was never able to be cheerful, although He was not yet conscious of the mission the soul itself had offered Me to carry out .... From time to time the light of His soul's true nature burst through indeed, then My spirit expressed itself through Him, so that he already performed miracles as a child, which only could be accomplished by a purest being of light in possession of abundant strength and light ..... Yet this only happened now and then in order that the people in His neighbourhood should believe in His mission ....

And even these remarkable expressions of strength troubled the boy Jesus as soon as He had regained His natural human frame of mind but impelled Him into ever more heartfelt contact with Me, His eternal God and Father, Whom He loved with all His heart, which therefore joined Him ever more to Me so that My love, too, permeated Him ever more until the moment came when He, in brightest light of love, recognised His task .... until He realised that He was meant to deliver His fallen brothers, until He became aware of the complete act of Salvation and He saw before Him the arduous path to the cross He should take if He so wanted .... His path of suffering was shown to Him in every detail, the knowledge of which darkened His soul and filled it with fear from which only His burning love for the wretched living creations helped Him escape again .... Yet He had to struggle with the decision to voluntarily take the path to the cross, He had to be willing to shoulder humanity's every gilt of sin and render such an agonising act of atonement for it that it surpassed all human imagination. For Jesus had not been destined by My will to make this sacrifice on the cross, rather, His soul had voluntarily offered itself to bring the lost children back to Me. For this purpose it lived life on earth as a human being and then had to struggle to make this decision again as a human being, because free will was decisive again too, for I would never have destined a human being to make such a sacrifice of atonement against his will, because only a sacrifice made by love was able to redeem the original sin of the fallen beings. And the sacrifice not only involved the act of crucifixion, the days of most bitter physical suffering and humiliation inflicted on the human being Jesus by My adversary's vassals, but His whole earthly life was a path to the cross, because His soul suffered indescribably, having descended from the kingdom of light into the kingdom of darkness.

And Jesus very soon knew the cause and purpose of his descent to earth and this knowledge burdened the 'human being Jesus' beyond all measure, so that He undeniably travelled the path across earth as a human being yet the pleasures of earthly life were denied to Him, which every human being enjoying his earthly life was usually allowed to take pleasure in with impunity .... For His life was constantly overshadowed by the events ahead of Him which .... since He was merely human .... constantly frightened Him and never let Him be cheerful .... Only in his refuge with Me did He find peace and strength and then, due to his ever-increasing love, His will to make the sacrifice grew constantly stronger too, and He carried the heavy burden of earthly life consciously and only ever endeavoured to do My will and help His fellow human beings .... And this also steadily increased His strength enabling Him to work miracles and thereby helping his fellow human beings who needed His help. Yet His mission before the actual act of Salvation consisted of preaching the Gospel to people, to proclaim My will to them and to admonish and encourage them into leading a loving and righteous way of life .... He brought people the truth which had no longer been recognised for a long time already and which had to be imparted to people in all purity again in order to induce them into a right way of living, so that His act of Salvation would then also be correctly understood and accepted by people who made the effort to live a life of love.

He led the way which all should follow who wanted to return to the kingdom of light, to Me, and who would be able to do so after Jesus had redeemed the original sin through His death on the cross. This act of mercy by Jesus had such enormous consequences that you cannot receive enough clarification about it. Time and again the knowledge of it will be truthfully conveyed to you again, for you should not just see in Jesus the human being Whose life was prematurely terminated by other people, but you should recognise His great mission, for Jesus' act of Salvation is of such immense significance for you humans that it is imperative for you to accept it if you ever want to escape the kingdom of darkness and be admitted into the kingdom of light. And you will only accept it if you are instructed of it absolutely truthfully, which always happens through My spirit which alone guides you into every truth ....




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