Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965

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Guide by 7 revelations

Seven revelations as means to guide you into the complete work


7 Revelations (Original texts by Bertha Dudde)

7550    Revival of the Spirit .... Address of God ....

You can print out the following revelations in PDF format and pass them on immediately for mediation.

BD 7550 Revival of the Spirit .... Address of God ....

BD 7600 God's Revelation .... "Accept and Eat ...."

BD 8710 John 14, 15-26 ....

BD 8141 ‘And the Word was made flesh ....’

BD 4015 Divine revelation is the greatest source of grace ....

BD 4399 Fullness of Grace .... Father love unchangeable ....

BD 3132 Condition for Truth - Way to God ....


Bertha Dudde received 9000 revelations which she wrote down
in German.
So far, only a small part of these messages has been translated
into English.
Today, every serious seeker and student has the opportunity to
study every revelation in his or her own language.
With a current translation programme such as DeepL it is possible to have
any German text translated quickly by copy and paste.
Of course, in case of doubt, only the German text is binding.

Bertha Dudde empfing 9000 Kundgaben, die sie in deutscher Sprache niederschrieb.

Von diesen Kundgaben wurde bisher nur ein kleinerer Teil in die englische Sprache übersetzt.

Jeder ernsthaft Suchende und Studierende hat heute die Möglichkeit, jede Kundgabe in seiner Sprache zu studieren.

Mit einem aktuellen Übersetzungsprogramm wie z.B. DeepL ist es per Copy and Paste möglich, jeden deutschen Text rasch übersetzen zu lassen.

Natürlich ist im Zweifel immer nur der deutsche Text bindend.



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