Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965

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Edition of the
Work of Revelation

received and written down
by Bertha Dudde

Various book and Editions
 of different publishers


Small edition history of the work of revelation


The texts of the "New Revelation" or. Revelation of God to Bertha Dudde were and are being edited in a private initiative of like-minded friends.

The meticulous editing work with the aim of publishing the complete works of Bertha Dudde's oeuvre - chronologically with all existing publications -, extended over a 10-year period - from about 1990 to the end of period - from about 1990 to the end of 2000.

Before that, for decades, there were only individual smaller selection of individual announcements, which were therefore never selection of individual publications, which could therefore never be representative of the could be representative of the entire body of work.

The supreme maxim of the transcription and edition of the entire of the entire work of the Revelation was the verifiable literal reproduction of Bertha Dudde's handwritten originals in print. print.

This work was completed in October 2000. and since then the complete edition of the work has been published in a first first 94-volume book series,  as a loose-leaf collection and digitally on digitally on DVD.

From May 2002, the OVERALL WORK was made available for download for the first time in in different editions on on the internet.

On this website you have the guarantee of the original or the certainty of a correct transcription of all the announcements. For this, reconsider our |Reference archive|.

From December 2012 onwards, new PDF editions of the TOTAL WORK have been made available for |download| in which reader-friendly paragraphs have now been completely all editions of the work have been completely rewritten.

All PDF editions of the new editions are well-suited for your own books and booklets in A4 or A5 format for high-quality printing. high-quality printing.

Ready-printed books or themed booklets can be ordered from the given addresses |Reference address|

Help for printing and creating a loose-leaf collection in A4 format for the TOTAL WORK can be provided on request.

A first edited index (concordance) makes it easier to find individual individual announcements. The keywords recorded so far include all headings, i.e. they are formed from all the headings of all the of all editions. Also very helpful for finding or orientating orientation is the index of headings.

Special mention should be made of the new eBook editions of the complete works (first editions in March 2012) in TOTAL PACKAGES, - additionally with thematic booklets and introductory texts -, for the formats Mobi/Kindle and ePub, still supplemented by an iSilo edition.

With the OFFLINE version of the TOTAL WORK you can very simply offline - without active internet access - to study all announcements and many thematic booklets. After downloading, unpacking the zip-file and double-click on the index file, a mini homepage will open in your browser. a mini homepage opens in your browser. The presentation corresponds largely the same as this homepage, which you can also use on tablets etc. without internet.

Furthermore, all previously translated announcements are available in the languages English, Croatian, Russian, Spanish, French, Polish, Romanian, Italian and Greek are available for download. These translations are constantly being added to.

You can find the entire digital font directory here under the|Downloads|.

All offerings were and are free.
"For free you have received, for free you shall give...", reads a note in Bertha Dudde's proclamations.
In this context, study the following proclamations. BD 7744 and BD 8899.


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