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How and where can you receive the proclamations?

This homepage predominantly aims to inform as well as offer downloads of proclamations.

You will find a list of addresses of publishers below. It does not claim to be inclusive.

The offers on some publishers’ order forms for the printed versions of proclamations (books and theme booklet) vary slightly.

To avoid misuse the publishers request written orders.

A link |order form| below each address opens the order form das Bestellformular (.pdf).

Please download the relevant form

- right-click the link
  click on ‘Save as...’ -

and print it out. Indicate your chosen printed matter with a cross and send or fax your completed form to the relevant address.

Please don’t forget to sign the order.

You do not require a form for the CD-ROM and can request it directly via e-mail from (Germany) or

The publishers – friends of the New Revelation – appreciate your interest in the Work received by Bertha Dudde.

The publishers are private individuals who do not belong to any organisation or society.


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